A Complete Guide to Launching Your Website: From Local to Live (Educative)

Introduction - Who This Course is For This course is for people who want to learn the process of launching a website online! Domain Name - Domain Name Registrars This lesson discusses the domain name registrars and the critical factors that you need to consider before choosing a registrar for your website. Domain Name - Thoughts & Theories This lesson provides answers to some frequently asked questions based on domain name, DNS and web hosting. Publish Your Website - Cloning a Repository Let’s move our Git repository to our VM instance. Publish Your Website - Ephemeral and Static IP Addresses In this lesson, we will access our application using its IP address. Testing & Maintenance - Server Maintenance This section deals with the different methods of testing and maintenance which ensure the quality of our website. First up, we have server maintenance! Testing & Maintenance - Website Maintenance Let’s talk about the different steps we can take to run our application smoothly over the long run. Testing & Maintenance - API Testing Let’s learn about the different utilities that let us test the functionality of our website’s APIs. Post Launch Checklist - Search Engine Optimization This lesson discusses what tactics and strategies are used in SEO in order to make your website appear in the search engine rankings! Where to go from here - Conclusion A final note for our learners and a brief summary of what we learned in this course! Web Hosting - Find a Web Hosting Service In this section, we will learn about the different tools we need to make our website visible on the internet. Let’s start by describing what web hosting is. Publish Your Website - Creating a Project on Google Cloud Platform This is the most important part of this course. We’ll learn how to make our website live on GCP. Web Hosting - Critical Factors to Consider Now, we’ll discuss some of the features that make a particular web hosting service suitable for us. Post Launch Checklist - Generate Revenue from Ads This lesson explains how you can generate revenue from your website through ads. We will also find out why Google Adsense is the best platform available out there to manage ads on our website. Publish Your Website - Firewall Access Let’s define what sort of traffic can visit our website. Post Launch Checklist - Web Analytics This lesson explains web analytics in details along with its uses. We will also discuss the web analytics process and some factors to keep in mind while monitoring web metrics! Where to go from here - Most in-demand skills in Industry This optional lesson will explain what skills you can learn if you want to pursue a career in web development. Domain Name - Steps to Register a Domain Name This lesson shows the necessary steps you need to do in order to register a domain name. Testing & Maintenance - Database Testing The next step in securing our website is maintaining a safe and efficient database. Let’s find out how. Publish Your Website - Comparing Different Cloud Hosts This lesson will highlight the similarities and differences between AWS, GCP and Heroku. Going Live - The Basics This lesson gives an overview of the methods that are used in order to build a website. We will also go through the steps involved in making a website go live. Going Live - Getting Started In this lesson, we will briefly discuss Domain Name, DNS Server, and Web Hosting and how they work together to make a website run online. Publish Your Website - Assigning a VM for Our Website In the last lesson, we set up the basic environment for deploying our web application. Now, we’ll learn how to allocate a virtual server to the project. Publish Your Website - Working with Secure Shell In this lesson, we will learn how to communicate with our server remotely. Publish Your Website - Pushing to a Version Control System Application This lesson deals with uploading our website code to a VCS application like GitHub. Publish Your Website - SSL Certificate This lesson deals with making the connection between us and our users more secure. Testing & Maintenance - Frontend Testing Now, we’ll be introduced to the concept of frontend testing and the different tools that implement it.
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