Bash for Programmers (Educative)

Variables and Environment - Quick Quiz! Have questions about Variables and Environment - Quick Quiz!? Go for it! Introduction to Bash - Other Commonly Used Bash Commands Get to learn some useful and important bash commands that are necessary in order to interact with your machine efficiently and get your day-to-day tasks done. Navigation Commands - Navigate between Directories After learning this lesson, you'll be able to switch and navigate between directories with ease. File Manipulation Commands - Remove a File in Bash Here, you will learn how to delete files in a shell. File Manipulation Commands - Quick Quiz! Have questions about File Manipulation Commands - Quick Quiz!? Go for it! Permission Commands - What are Permissions? This lesson will tell you everything you need to know about permissions in GNU/Linux. Filtering & Searching Commands - Filtering Repeated Lines Out Review different ways to search for repeated lines in a text or a file. System & Process Commands - Jobs: How Do They Differ from Processes This lesson defines "jobs", how they differ from processes and how to get information about them. System & Process Commands - Killing a Process Teach yourself how to kill any process in bash in this lesson. Introduction to Bash - Commands & Arguments (Optional) A short introduction to commands, arguments, and options. Navigation Commands - Pathnames in Bash Get yourself acquainted with the necessary concepts related to paths and their types. Navigation Commands - Quick Quiz! Have questions about Navigation Commands - Quick Quiz!? Go for it! File Manipulation Commands - Copying Files in Bash You will learn how to copy files via command line in this lesson. Permission Commands - Set/Remove Permissions in Bash This lesson will be covering the command that assists in setting or removing permissions. Permission Commands - Quick Quiz! Have questions about Permission Commands - Quick Quiz!? Go for it! Filtering & Searching Commands - Viewing Beginning and Ending Contents of Files Learn the commands to display the beginning and ending contents of any file. Filtering & Searching Commands - Quick Quiz! Have questions about Filtering & Searching Commands - Quick Quiz!? Go for it! System & Process Commands - Getting Root Privileges This lesson will cover the command to get administrator privileges to do certain tasks that are not allowed for a normal user to perform. System & Process Commands - Quick Quiz! Have questions about System & Process Commands - Quick Quiz!? Go for it! Variables and Environment - The Real Power of Bash Get yourself acquainted with the installation of some significant packages. Introduction to Bash - What is Shell? A brief introduction to Shell and its types. Introduction to Bash - Introduction to Linux Delve into all the basic concepts of Linux Shell. Introduction to Bash - Getting Meta Information in Bash Explore the commands used to retrieve details about Shell and meta information about commands. Introduction to Bash - What is Bash? From here starts a detailed series of Bash content, sit tight! Introduction to Bash - Introduction to Command Line Here, you will briefly cover command line and will discuss a few special characters/operators which come in really handy while using the terminal. Introduction to Bash - Getting Info about Commands Brush up on how to get information about bash commands via command line. Introduction to Bash - Finding System Date and Time This lesson will guide you through getting system date and time in your desired format. Introduction to Bash - Quick Quiz! Have questions about Introduction to Bash - Quick Quiz!? Go for it! Navigation Commands - Symbolic Links & Hard Links Get yourself versed in symbolic links and their difference with hard links. Navigation Commands - Check the Current Directory in Bash Learn how to change directories via "pwd" command. Navigation Commands - Display Files in a Directory Grasp a variety of ways to list down files in directories! Navigation Commands - Create a Directory in Bash This lesson will enable you to create directories through command line interface. Navigation Commands - Remove a Directory in Bash Here, you will learn how to remove directories in bash. File Manipulation Commands - Create a File in Bash Pick up the different ways to create files via terminal! File Manipulation Commands - Open/Display Content of a File This lesson will illustrate various ways to display content and word count of files. File Manipulation Commands - Move Files in a Directory Move files in a directory easily in Linux via "mv" command. File Manipulation Commands - Zipping a File in Bash Get to know the commands to zip files in bash. Filtering & Searching Commands - Searching in Bash How to search files and directories based on various attributes, using different methods. Moreover, this lesson encompasses the ways to search for files based on their contents and patterns. Filtering & Searching Commands - Regular Expressions (Regex) This lesson gives a conceptual summary of regular expressions. System & Process Commands - Processes Go through the basic concepts about the system processes and the command to get their status. Variables and Environment - Variables and their Types Familiarize yourself with variables in shell environment and their types. Variables and Environment - Variable Assignment & Expansion Get yourself accustomed to variable assignment and expansion. Variables and Environment - Caution: Cool Stuff Ahead! Enough with the commands already, wanna do something fun? Give this lesson a read to discover what things you can do with just the basic Bash knowledge that you have gained so far. An Overview of Commands - Misc. Commands' Cheatsheet Here's a concise cheatsheet for some miscellaneous commands used in Linux. Filtering & Searching Commands - Sorting File Contents in Order Sorting file contents via command line interface. Filtering & Searching Commands - GREP vs. EGREP vs. FGREP Search for a variety of text fragments through the most powerful commands of terminal i.e. grep, egrep and fgrep. Variables and Environment - Terminal is fun (Really) Train yourself to use command line to your interest in order to install and upgrade different packages. Using GUI for installing applications might be convenient, but contrary, the terminal is a fast approach for this purpose. You will learn how to manage your softwares via apt-get. Variables and Environment - How to Use Git with Bash This lesson will brief you about an important and most prevalent software system i.e. Git. Moreover, it'll show you how to install Git on GNU/Linux based systems. An Overview of Commands - Final Quiz Have questions about An Overview of Commands - Final Quiz? Go for it!
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