JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React (Robin Wieruch)

Getting Started - Entering React after learning JavaScript A brief introduction to React, its benefits, and why it would help you to learn JavaScript before learning React. Variables, Operators & Expressions - Object Destructuring & Spread Operators This lesson teaches the concepts of Object Destructuring and Spread Operators and how we can use them in React. Variables, Operators & Expressions - Quick Quiz on JavaScript Variables & Operators! Test your knowledge of Variables, Expressions and Operators with this short quiz! Functions - Function Declaration in JavaScript A short introduction to JavaScript functions, the number of ways it can be declared in JavaScript and a few concepts related to it. Functions - Arrow Functions in React This lesson demonstrates the uses of Arrow Functions in React. Functions - Higher-Order Functions in React This lesson introduces the key concept of functional programming: High-Order functions, along with their application in React with the help of coding examples. Functions - Map, Reduce & Filter in React In this lesson, we’ll demonstrate how the map, reduce, and filter methods are used in JavaScript and applied in React. Functions - Quick Quiz on JavaScript Functions! Test your knowledge of JavaScript Functions with this short quiz! Classes - JavaScript Classes and Object Creation In this lesson, we briefly look at object-oriented programming concepts in JavaScript like classes and objects. Classes - Class Inheritance In this lesson, we discuss the syntax and concept of class inheritance in Javascript. Variables, Operators & Expressions - Operators & Expressions in JS This lesson lists the commonly used JavaScript’s expressions and operators, including assignment, comparison, arithmetic, bitwise, logical and string. Variables, Operators & Expressions - Ternary Operator in React This lesson teaches the use of Ternary Operator in React for conditional rendering of JSX and explains it with the help of examples. Variables, Operators & Expressions - Variable Declarations in JavaScript This lesson teaches how variables are declared in JavaScript and what’s the difference between var, let and const keywords. React - State in React What a React component looks like is a reflection of its state - in this lesson, we’ll look at how to use it and some potfalls Conclusion - There is more JavaScript than React Final notes by the author to his readers! Classes - React favours composition over inheritance In this lesson, we study why React programmers prefer to use class composition over class inheritance. Classes - The 'this' Keyword & Binding in JavaScript In this lesson, we study how the notorious ‘this’ keyword works in JavaScript in the context of explicit, implicit, new, and global binding. Modules - Quick Quiz On JavaScript Modules! Test your knowledge of Modules with this short quiz! React - Functions as Components in React In this lesson, we study functional stateless components which are a shorter way to create components that don’t require to use lifecycle methods and don’t need to maintain state React - The Create-react-app component Let’s discuss the create-react-app component. By now, most of it will be self-explanatory. Classes - Quick Quiz on JavaScript Classes! Test your knowledge of JavaScript Classes with this short quiz! Modules - Libraries in React A brief introduction to React APIs and their uses. Appendix - Setting up the create-react-app In this lesson, we Install node and npm to set up a create-react-app project and have a look at a React class component React - React Class Components All React websites are made up of components and this lesson gives an overview of how a basic React component is made. Modules - Modularity & Import/Export in React This lesson explains how modules are created and accessed in JavaScript. React - React Lifecycle & Lifecycle Methods This lesson is a brief introduction to React Lifecycle methods that come in very handy in many situations! Conclusion - Want to learn more React? Lastly, I give a brief overview of my next course “Road to React”. Modules - Named & Default Exports This lesson briefly explains the difference between Named and Default exports and how to make to both type of exports in JavaScript. React - React Component Syntax In this lesson, we’ll study some ways that can make our React component declaration shorter and simpler. React - Quick Quiz on React! Test your knowledge of React with this short quiz! React - React Props In this lesson, we learn to modify our components and make them more dynamic using props, which is a fundamental concept in React.
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