React in Patterns (Educative)

Data Flow using Flux - Wrapping Up This lesson brings all the little components we have learned in the previous lessons together, and presents the final product Composition - Functions as Children and the Render Prop Patterns Patterns that entail using JSX expressions within React to abstract code and provide flexibility. Communication - More on Props An introduction to react components and how they communicate with one another. Introduction - Who this course is for? Intended audience and pre-requisites for this course More on Inputs and Components - Presentational and Container Components Splitting React components into presentations and containers to manage state. Communication - Output from React Components In this lesson, we’ll be looking at how to get output from React components. Data Flow using Flux - One-Way Direction Data Flow This lesson will explain with an example how and why React components avoid modifying the data that they receive and instead look for changes in this data. Data Flow using Flux - Architecture and Main Characteristics Introducing Flux, its architectural design pattern for building user interfaces, commonly used with React to make code simpler and its main characteristics. Data Flow using Redux - Architecture and Main Characteristics This lesson introduces Redux and its main characteristics Miscellaneous - Integration Of Third-Party Libraries In this lesson, we will learn how to safely integrate third-party components in React apps, when external services are required. Conclusion - Where to from here Wondering where to go next? Our website is chalk full of other React courses that you can take! Introduction - Learning outcomes A brief summary of what you would learn in this course React Refresher - Foundational Elements of React Before we dive into the patterns of React, let’s revise the building blocks of a React component. React Refresher - State in React If props represent outside data for a component, its state represents the internal data. Data Flow using Redux - The Idea In this lesson we re-visit what is One-way Direction data flow and why we need it Data Flow using Flux - The Dispatcher In this lesson, we will look at the Dispatcher as the main component in the Flux architecture, and some code related to it in detail. Data Flow using Flux - Bounding Views and Stores This lesson introduces multiple ways to connect views to stores Data Flow using Flux - Final Code This lesson unifies the code presented in the last few lessons to give the Flux architecture the final shape Data Flow using Redux - Simple Counter App This lesson uses all we have learned about Redux in the previous few lessons to make a Simple Counter Application. Let’s dive in! Miscellaneous - Styling React Components This lesson introduces some common methods used to style React components. Miscellaneous - React And Separation Of Concerns In this lesson, we will learn how React and its ecosystem have a separation of concerns despite markup, styles, and logic living in the same JavaScript land. React Refresher - The Component Lifecycle These functions allow us to tap into the lifecycle of a component and add custom code at given times. Communication - Test Your Skills So Far! Test yourself on React! Communication - Event Handlers How event handlers in React differ from the standard DOM. Composition - Composition How components in React can be combined to work together. Composition - Higher Order Component Using higher order components as a means to enhance React elements. Data Flow using Flux - The Actions This lesson introduces actions and their creation in the Flux architecture Dependency Injection in React - Dependency Injection - Using React's context (prior v. 16.3) In this lesson, we will be learning to use dependency injection as a means to manage dependencies in React. Data Flow using Redux - Wiring to React components This lesson introduces the react-redux module and how it is used to connect Redux with React components Data Flow using Redux - Final Thoughts and Code for Counter App This lesson presents some final thoughts and complete, executable code for Simple Counter Application. Data Flow using Redux - Actions, Store and Reducer Creating an app using Redux alongside React to demonstrate the similarities and differences between Flux and Redux. More on Inputs and Components - Controlled and Uncontrolled Inputs How inputs can be handled in React. Dependency Injection in React - Dependency Injection - Using React's context (v. 16.3 and above) This lesson discusses how the context API has improved the implementation of dependency injection in later versions.
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