The Definitive Java Interview Handbook (C. H. Afzal)

Java in Practice - Enums & Annotations This lesson discusses the do’s and don’ts of using enums and annotations in Java Java in Practice - Concurrency This lesson lists gotchas of Java concurrency. Java Ecosystem - Java & it's Ecosystem This lesson introduces the reader to the origins of the Java language. Classes - The Object Class This lesson discusses the root class of all objects in Java. Generics - The Get & the Put Principle This lesson provides examples on the get and the put principle to be followed when working with generics. Classes - Finalize This lesson talks about the finalize method of the Object class. Inheritance - Inheritance Gotchas This lesson contains questions on inheritance in Java. Multi-Threading - Volatile This lesson explains the volatile keyword. Classes - Initialization This lesson discusses initialization of variables in Java. Multi-Threading - Thread Safety This lesson discusses thread-safety concepts. Java in Practice - General Best Practices This lesson discusses best practices for various aspects of Java Programming Miscellaneous Topics - Types This lesson discusses the types in the Java language. Reflection - Introduction This lesson introduces the concept of Reflection in Java. Reflection - Class Modifiers This lesson demonstrates how class modifiers can be retreived using reflection. Serialization - More on Serialization More questions on Serialization in Java. Java in Practice - Using Objects This lesson discusses the caveats of working with Java objects. Java in Practice - Using Generics This lesson lists caveats one should be aware of when working with generics in Java. Lambda Expressions - More on Lambdas This lesson continues discussion on lambdas in Java. Java in Practice - Interfaces vs Abstract Classes This lesson compares and constrasts interfaces and abstract classes. Java in Practice - Object Creation This lesson summarizes the important details for object creation in Java. Java in Practice - Designing Classes This lesson summarizes the nuances to consider when writing new Java classes. Java in Practice - Inheritance vs Composition This lesson discusses the reasons why composition may be a better choice than inheritance. Java in Practice - Method Design This lesson describes the best practices to emulate when designing methods. Patterns - Singleton This lesson discusses all the different ways of creating singleton objects in Java. Methods - Pass by Value This lesson explains how Java works as pass by value. Memory Management - Memory Tuning This lesson talks about the common memory issues faced when running Java programs. Methods - Pass by Reference This lesson explains the concept of pass by reference. Methods - Method Overloading Discusses method overloading in Java. Inheritance - Inheritance This lesson discusses interview questions on inheritance. Generics - Bounded Types This lesson discusses bounded types in Java’s generics. Multi-Threading - Synchronized This lesson explains the all-important synchronized keyword. The End - Epilogue Acknowledgements and credits! Classes - Nested Classes This lesson explains nested classes in Java. Generics - Why Generics This lesson introduces the concept of generics in Java. Classes - Classes This lesson discusses the concept of classes in Java and related questions around them. Classes - Anonymous and Local Classes This lesson discusses anonymous and local classes in Java. Inheritance - Multiple Inheritance This lesson discusses the limitations of multiple inheritance in Java. Interfaces - Interfaces This lesson discusses interfaces in Java. Classes - Accessibility This lesson discusses the various accessibility levels in Java. Classes - Super Keyword Have questions about Super Keyword? Go for it! Generics - Bridge Methods This lesson explains bridge methods created by the compiler when working with generics. Generics - Generic Types This lesson explains generic types in Java. Classes - Constructors This lesson discusses constructors in Java. Generics - Erasure This lesson explains how erasure works in Java. Classes - Abstract Classes This lesson introduces the concept of abstract class in Java. Classes - Final Class This lesson introduces the concept of a final class in Java. Generics - Wildcard This lesson talks about how the wildcard can be used in generics. Generics - Reification This lesson explains reifiable types in Java. Generics - Raw Types This lesson explains what raw types are. Interfaces - More on Interfaces This lesson continues discussion of interfaces in Java. Lambda Expressions - Basics This lesson introduces Java’s lambdas expressions. Generics - Type Inference This lesson explains the concept of type inference. Multi-Threading - Wait() and Notify() This lesson explains the wait and notify methods exposed by every object. Multi-Threading - More on Threading This lesson discusses selective interview topics on multithreading. Memory Management - Memory Areas This lesson explains the various areas of memory for a Java application. Memory Management - Reference Strengths This lesson explains the different reference types in Java. Collections - Collection Types This lesson talks about the different types of collections available in the Collections Framework. Collections - Summary This lesson lists the important interfaces and classes of the Collections Framework. Collections - Iterating in Java This lesson introduces questions relating to iteration in Java. Exceptions - Checked vs Unchecked This lesson introduces the type of exceptions. Reflection - java.lang.Class This lesson covers the class java.lang.Class which is an important type when using reflection. Exceptions - More on Exceptions This lesson explains the finally block and issues faced when multiple exceptions are thrown. Reflection - Classloaders This lesson introduces the concept of classloaders in Java. Java in Practice - Exceptions Handling This lesson lists issues to be cognizant of when working with Java exceptions. Miscellaneous Topics - Package Questions on the concept of package in Java. Miscellaneous Topics - Strings This lesson discusses String interview questions in Java. Miscellaneous Topics - Keywords This lesson discusses different keywords used in Java. Reflection - Instantiation using Reflection This lesson demonstrates how objects can be created using reflection. Miscellaneous Topics - Unboxing This lesson discusses the reverse of Boxing, which is called Unboxing. Miscellaneous Topics - Boxing This lesson discusses the concept of Boxing in Java. Java Ecosystem - Introduction How can this course help you in interviews? Multi-Threading - Mutexes vs Semaphores This lesson explains the difference between mutexes and semaphores. Exceptions - Exceptions This lesson introduces the concept of exceptions in Java. Miscellaneous Topics - Annotations This lesson discusses annotations in Java. Exceptions - Catch Block This lesson shows how multiple exceptions can be caught using the try-catch clause. Serialization - Basics This lesson discusses the basics of Serialization in Java. Miscellaneous Topics - Casting This lesson includes interview questions on casting in Java. Patterns - Cheat Sheet This summarizes the different patterns and their uses. It also includes the example usages of the patterns in the Java API. Java Ecosystem - Java Flavors & Processes This lesson describes the various platform editions of Java. It also touches upon the community and processes around the Java ecosystem. Java Ecosystem - Java Tools & Files Common file types and tools used in Java development. Methods - Variable Argument Passing This lesson explains how variable number of arguments can be passed to methods. Java Ecosystem - Java Virtual Machine This lesson describes the Java Virtual Machine and introduces interview questions related to it. Memory Management - Garbage Collection This lesson explains the working of garbage collection works in Java. Java in Practice - Quick Note Have questions about Quick Note? Go for it! Patterns - Builder This lesson discusses the Builder pattern which is extensively used in Java. Multi-Threading - Fundamentals This lesson introduces the fundamentals of concurrency.
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