Web Development: a Primer (Educative)

Version Control with Git - Using Git Locally In this lesson, we’ll show Git in action! Version Control with Git - Repo Hosting In this lesson, we’ll discuss how you can host your repo on a server which makes your project indestructible! Networks - How Does It Work? An overview of how the web allows communication between devices. View the lesson [here]( Databases - SQL Databases An overview of the most common relational database management system. View the lesson [here]( Databases - Databases in Web Development An overview of the use of databases in web applications. View the lesson [here]( The Front End - HTML In this lesson, we'll learn the basics of HTML! By the end of this lesson, you should be able to comprehend and write basic HTML. Web Development Frameworks - Back-end Frameworks An overview of back-end frameworks that are commonly used. Version Control with Git - What is Git and Why Use it? In this lesson, we’ll discuss the basics of version control with git! Web Development Frameworks - What are the Frameworks? An introduction to frameworks and their relationship to the front-end and back-end of a website. The Front End - CSS This lesson gives a brief introduction to cascading style sheets and how they are used with HTML. View the lesson [here]( The Front End - JavaScript Here is a brief introduction to JavaScript as used on the front end. View the lesson [here]( Principles of Software Engineering - Software Process Models A brief introduction to the process models that can be used when developing a website. Principles of Software Engineering - The Waterfall Model An overview of the waterfall method of developing software. Web Development Frameworks - Isomorphic Frameworks An overview of the popular isomorphic frameworks. Web Development Frameworks - Software Stacks An introduction to software stacks and their purpose in web development. Conclusion - Final Words Thank you for reading! We hope this course gave you value for your time. Conclusion - Where to go from here? A quick summary of what courses you can take to get your hands dirty with some actual web development! Networks - What is the Web? An introduction to the basic structure of the Internet and how your web application fits into it. View the lesson [here]( Principles of Software Engineering - Reuse-oriented Software Engineering A brief overview of the reuse-oriented software engineering process. Databases - Web Caching An approach to optimizing data storage in web applications. View the lesson [here]( Principles of Software Engineering - Test Driven Development Approaches to testing software to ensure quality. The Back End - Microservice Architecture This lesson gives an overview of popular web server operating systems. View the lesson [here]( Introduction - Who This Course is for? This course is for people who are comfortable with one programming language at least and want to learn web development View the lesson [here]( Networks - Life of a Packet Let's watch a video on the life of an IP packet. View the lesson [here]( Networks - How Data Finds its Way? A high-level overview of how packets determine and then traverse the path from their source to destination. View the lesson [here]( Databases - NoSQL Databases An overview of commonly used NoSQL databases. View the lesson [here]( The Back End - Back-end programming In this lesson, we will discuss what are the basic functionalities of back-end engineers. The Back End - NodeJS In this lesson, we’re going to get an introduction to server-side programming in JavaScript. Web Development Frameworks - Front-end Frameworks An overview of commonly used front-end frameworks. Version Control with Git - The Command Line Interface In this lesson, we’ll discuss the basics of perhaps the most important tool in your belt as a programmer: the command line Principles of Software Engineering - Incremental Development An overview of the incremental development model of software engineering. The Back End - What is the Back End? This lesson gives an overview of where your website will finally live: web servers. View the lesson [here]( The Front End - The Server-side and The Client-side In this lesson, we'll introduce the server-side and the client-side and what languages each uses. View the lesson [here](
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