10MB/Minute Upload Bandwidth?

Where does 10MB number come from? I know its a guesstimate so how does it relate to the calculated 1500MB/Min uploaded? What am I missing here?


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Hi @Dan_Goldman

I think you are mixing storge estimations with bandwith estimations. They are two different parameters for our system.

Firstly, estimations are made for storage capacity. It is guesstimated that one minute of video needs 50MB of storage and after calculation, it is concluded that 1500GB of storage will be required for 1 minute.

Secondly, estimations are made for bandwidth capacity, and it is assumed that uploading each minute of the video takes 10MB of the bandwidth.

Please let me know if your confusion persists!

Thank you, Usman, I appreciate your speedy reply.
I am not confusing the two, but implying that I think they are related.
If 1500GB/Min (not MB - my bad) are uploaded and transferred to storage then doesn’t the bandwidth need to be the same? I gather the answer is no based on what I am reading. So, regardless, how is the 10MB/min bandwidth arrived at? What math/logic goes into that estimate?

Hi @Dan_Goldman

according to my understanding of the lesson, the author considers the numbers on educated guess. Although bandwidth and storage are must-related terms, here things are going just on estimations.
One more point that I noticed is that they said in the lesson, “videos need to be stored in multiple formats” so one can understand that video will upload one single time, but multiple formats require more storage. It is one point that justifies the difference in both values.

You are most welcome for further debate on this.

The multiple formats aspect occurs after the files are uploaded in the background so that would not factor in. I think the author made a mistake here and is off by a few orders of magnitude. In another place I was doing research the author equated the 2 as would be my intuition. It would be good if the author here would chime in.

FYI - Not thinking of this as a debate but just trying to get clarification. Ultimately, I don’t think discussing “bandwidth” separately is crucial - estimating the volume and rate of transfer should suffice.


Hi @Dan_Goldman
I have the same doubt here. Say we just take the assumptions, one minute of video needs 50MB of storage and one minute of video takes 10MB of the bandwidth, does that mean there will be more and more queued videos? simply because the bandwidth (10MB/min) cannot handle such amount of upload videos (50MB/min).


I had the same question when reading this. If 1.5TB worth of videos are being requests to be uploaded each minute, but the bandwidth only supports 300GB/min, it will take 5 minutes to upload everything that has been requested to be uploaded in a minute. By the time that first upload is done, there’s an additional 4x1.5TB = 6TB of uploads. And so on and on. The backlog will grow larger and larger.

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