About the Applied Machine Learning: Deep Learning for Industry (Adaptilab) category


In this course, you’ll level up your skills learned in the Industry Case Study and Machine Learning for Software Engineers. You’ll take the modeling and data pipeline concepts and apply them to production-level classification and regression models for industry deployment, while continuing to practice the most efficient techniques for building scalable machine learning models. After this course, you will be able to complete industry-level machine learning projects, from data pipeline creation to model deployment and inference.

The code for this course is built around the TensorFlow framework, one of the premier frameworks for industry machine learning, and the Python pandas library for data analysis. Knowledge of Python and TensorFlow are prerequisites.

This course was created by AdaptiLab, a company specializing in evaluating, sourcing, and upskilling enterprise machine learning talent. It is built in collaboration with industry machine learning experts from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple.

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