About the C++17 in Detail: A Deep Dive (Bartłomiej Filipek) category


C++ started in 1979 as an experiment, before being officially launched in 1983. In 1998, its first ISO standard was released. What started as an experimental language has quickly turned into a platform for solving complex problems that drive many industries: gaming, finance, data centres, vehicles, and even software for space missions, among many others. The latest release, C++17, builds upon the functionality of previous versions by further diversifying the power of C++ and increasing the language’s readability.

This course describes all the significant changes in C++17 and will give you the essential knowledge to stay at the edge of the latest features. What’s more, each section contains lots of practical examples and uses a bottom-up approach to give you a more comfortable start. If you have a moderate understanding of C++, this course is highly recommended as the next step in mastering the modern form of this language.

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