Accessing Characters

Hi newbie here,

I don’t quite understand the importance of indexing and accessing characters while studying strings. Why is it important? what has the length of a character got to do while coding? Would appreciate a little insight and explanation. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Hi Naivedya,

This is a very important question. So, there are a few reasons why a novice programmer should learn string manipulation. Strings are used everywhere, in a program, from printing text on the screen to reading it from the database.
It is important to be able to manipulate string data, for example:

  1. To determine whether a password is sufficiently long and strong
  2. To remove or replace characters.
  3. To compare or extract strings, characters, substrings, etc.
  4. To find all the words that follow the camelcase.

These are a few uses of string manipulation.

I hope it helps.