Ad quality score vs ad predicted score

Are they the same thing? Thanks

They don’t seem to be the same thing. As mentioned in the course:

Ad quality score : An assessment of the quality of the ad by taking into account feedback from people viewing or hiding the ad.”

Regarding ad prediction:
“The ad prediction component will predict user engagement with the ad (the probability that an action will be taken on the ad if it is shown).”
“The rank order is calculated based on predicted ad score (from the ad prediction component)…”

Even though ad quality isn’t strictly defined prior to this point, we can tell that they do not refer to the same thing. Since the ad quality score is not a prediction of the ad prediction system nor is it a component of user engagement (the output of the ad prediction system), it cannot be the same as the ad prediction score.

We can tell it is not a component of user engagement from this line from the course:
"The estimated user engagement and ad quality rates combined results in the ad relevance score. "

Hope this helps.

Ok thank you.