API & Database design

Please discuss about the API & Database design in each system design question

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Hi Amit,
Thank you for reaching out. We at educative value your feedback. Can you please elaborate your question, i.e., in which lesson do you want to discuss the API and database design? Thank you.

There is no API design and Database schema discussed in this chapter – Designing Dropbox.

I would be interested to get more in-depth about how the DB schema is organized. In particular, how list of users, their files/folders, shared folders, etc… are maintained as metadata in the dbase. Based on the YouTube video with Kevin Modzelewski ( I understand that the actual files are stored in s3 objects. So it makes sense that the metadata must have pointers to those s3 objects. I’m particularly curious to see how shared files across users are maintained.

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Actually, I just got to the part of the video where it discusses the dbase design a bit more. See 44:50.

Educaitive team, please share more about database design on this, or the API schema.