Attributes + Hyperlinking

Hello. I’ve just started the Front-End Web Development Pathway and had a question.

I understand the concept of Hyperlinking when it comes to Absolute and Relative, however I seem to be answering the exercise incorrectly and don’t understand the expected result. It could be because I don’t interpret the directory/file structure as described.

I interpret it as follows:
BlogPosts (folder)

  • article1.html
  • article2.html
  • article3.html

In my understanding, if the user is currently viewing an article within the BlogPosts folder, they would need to link up a level to view the about.html file.

My answer:
<a href ="../about.html">About</a>

The expected answer:
<a href="blogPost/about.html">Article 2</a>

Could you please explain why this isn’t working?


Same problem here. The solution is the below code but it doesn’t pass the test.
<a href="../about.html">About</a>