Best editor for front end development

What is the best editor to start building the front end?

Hello @Abdullah_Yousaf ,

It all comes down to personal preferences and tastes when selecting any particular editor for development. Every editor comes with its own set of features and it all comes down to the developer as to what editor they are most comfortable with. I have worked with several editors such as VS Code, Sublime, PyCharm, and Code::Blocks. From my experience, I would recommend VS Code. It comes packed with a range of tools and features such as syntax highlighting, intellisense, templates, boilerplates, customizable themes, and many others. It also supports GitHub integration. It has built-in support for languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js. Apart from this, it has several extensions for other languages such as Python, C, C++ to name just a few. Plus point: It has cool dark themes!

Once again, you can start with VS Code and explore some other editors as well to see what you are most comfortable with.

Hope this helps!