Builder Patteren is not that clear


Some how I feal implementing builder pattern using Director is not that clear, below one looks way more clear to me. Any thoughts??

public class LunchOrder {

public static class Builder {
	private String bread;
	private String condiments;
	private String dressing;
	private String meat;
	public Builder() {
	public LunchOrder build() {
		return new LunchOrder(this);
	public Builder bread(String bread) {
		this.bread = bread;
		return this;
	public Builder condiments(String condiments) {
		this.condiments = condiments;
		return this;
	public Builder dressing(String dressing) {
		this.dressing = dressing;
		return this;
	public Builder meat(String meat) {
		this.meat = meat;
		return this;

private final String bread;
private final String condiments;
private final String dressing;
private final String meat;

private LunchOrder(Builder builder) {
	this.bread = builder.bread;
	this.condiments = builder.condiments;
	this.dressing = builder.dressing;
	this.meat = builder.meat;

public String getBread() {
	return bread;

public String getCondiments() {
	return condiments;

public String getDressing() {
	return dressing;

public String getMeat() {
	return meat;