Can I really complete a solution like this during an interview?

Hi. I don’t have OOD interview experience and this is my first time studying this topic. When I saw the entire solution of “design a library management system”, I’m afraid I can’t finish this whole thing in an hour even I’ve practiced it, not to mention solving a new problem that I’ve never seen before.

What I found struggling in the solution is, there are too much aspects to consider. How to quickly identify the relations between these classes and interfaces, and to decide what methods to include, when we have so many? This thinking process takes time, the explanation also takes time, which won’t leave me much time to type those hundreds lines of code.

This solution is great. But I feel like there could be a simple version of it that includes only core objects and core functions, and could be completed in an hour. Some details like “search by publication date” or “using post notice” are not that important, and we may be able to negotiate with the interviewer to just ignore them.

Just some thoughts. Any advise will be helpful. Thank you!

First thing.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Interviewer is looking for your thought process and not the perfection.