Can someone help me?

I’m an older gentleman trying to build a website for my brother who has a business. I have absolute no coding experience whatsoever. He has a website on Wix so I will be dealing with JavaScript. I have been working on the website and my brother is extremely happy with it. But there are a couple things that I would like to do to the site and I have not only spent hours trying to research and find the answers, but days looking. I have found a couple things and thought they would help, but I’m having no luck getting anything to work. If anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful.
So let me ask my couple of questions:

  1. On the generic Log In bar for Wix. The drop down menu has “Log Out” on the bottom. Is it possible to have a page connect to that “Log Out” button when clicked? I can not see where I can link a page to it and can not locate anything in search engines on that subject.
  2. I have a page (Parts) that I have listed parts with pictures. With these parts that are listed is a Hover Box that gives a description of that part. Now my problem is the description is on the other side of the page from some of the Hover Buttons. By the time I take my cursor off the hover button to hover over that description the description has disappeared. How can I get that description to stay up longer using my Hover Button after the cursor is moved off that Hover Button? Using the following inputs… Hover Box input = box5, Description is input = text21 and input = button1.

If that is not possible, can I do it by making the Hover Buttons… regular buttons using “onClick”? Thus when I click one of the Hover/Regular buttons its pulls up the description and when I click another Hover/regular button it closes the last description and pulls up the next description? Using the following input for a second description… input = box4, Description is input = text19 and input = button2.

I would like to keep the hover buttons if possible.

Again any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

(Sorry about the category selects, I didn’t know what to pick.)