Course pages are not available

Most of the pages could not be loaded, the server is not available

Hello @Rushaniia_Badrutdino

Can you please provide the link to the course and lesson where you are facing this issue to help you better with it?

Thank you :blush:

Hello @Abdul_Mateen ! Thank you for the response. These are the links:
course : Grokking the System Design Interview - Learn Interactively
lesson: Educative: Interactive Courses for Software Developers


Hello @Rushaniia_Badrutdino,

We have fixed the issues of the hyperlinks in the lessons. If you still face any issues regarding the pages that could not be loaded, please attach the screenshot let us know so that we can help you better in this regard.

Thank You :blush:

I’m having the same issue on the “Grokking the System Design Interview”. Many topics under the “Summarized System Design Problems” section aren’t loading content. The errors are 403 http status code.
Please see some examples below - These are the links that I clicked - :
Designing Pastebin → lesson/grokking-system-design-interview/JYDMqB6y2yK and
Designing Dropbox → lesson/grokking-system-design-interview/N0qRAomMJqz and
Designing Facebook Messenger → lesson/grokking-system-design-interview/qZ1v5v5n42p and
Designing Twitter → lesson/grokking-system-design-interview/YVRjEyQYzRW and
Designing Youtube or Netflix → lesson/grokking-system-design-interview/N0jgjk3l9qz and
Designing Typeahead Suggestion → lesson/grokking-system-design-interview/B6mvxZwlwxX

And the errors on the bowser dev tools are the following respectively:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () /api/collection/grokking-system-design-interview/page/JYDMqB6y2yK?work_type=module:1

GET grokking-system-design-interview/page/N0qRAomMJqz?work_type=module 403 de1a630b080948191b1dd3e7ff93bc867f0d8174.857ce43331caecd7c32c.js:1
GET grokking-system-design-interview/page/qZ1v5v5n42p?work_type=module 403 de1a630b080948191b1dd3e7ff93bc867f0d8174.857ce43331caecd7c32c.js:1
GET grokking-system-design-interview/page/YVRjEyQYzRW?work_type=module 403 de1a630b080948191b1dd3e7ff93bc867f0d8174.857ce43331caecd7c32c.js:1
GET grokking-system-design-interview/page/N0jgjk3l9qz?work_type=module 403 de1a630b080948191b1dd3e7ff93bc867f0d8174.857ce43331caecd7c32c.js:1
GET grokking-system-design-interview/page/B6mvxZwlwxX?work_type=module 403 de1a630b080948191b1dd3e7ff93bc867f0d8174.857ce43331caecd7c32c.js:1

In the same Path: Scalability & System Design for Developers, the following pages are all not loading, and the errors are also 403:

Introduction: System Design Patterns
4. Leader and Follower
5. Write-ahead Log
6. Segmented Log
7. High-Water Mark
8. Lease
9. Heartbeat
10. Gossip Protocol
11. Phi Accrual Failure Detection
12. Split Brain
13. Fencing
14. Checksum
15. Vector Clocks
16. CAP Theorem
17. PACELC Theorem
18. Hinted Handoff
19. Read Repair
20. Merkle Trees

Error e.g. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () /api/collection/grokking-system-design-interview/page/7XKGvvkRWxB?work_type=module:1

This course page is not loading for me as well. Is there any issue with it?