Database design of Facebook Messenger


It says “Both of our requirements can be easily met with a wide-column database solution like HBase” but I don’t understand how. Can you give me a more detailed explanation on how we can design the database and how it meets the requirements of Facebook Messenger?


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I’ve got the same question too. Any answer would be much appreciated.


Stuck with same thought as well, could someone answer please


If you read the facebook engineering blog. They initially used HBase but now switched to MyRock which is a MySQL storage engine. Take these design posts with a grain of salt. Sometimes they are just taken from some old engineering posts with no explanation. Do your own research. You can actually use any type of database to store messages.



It would be great if you can share a database schema.


Hi Team, please share the Data Modelling /Database schema for this.


Is this question already answered? Or in how much time it will be?