Database schema should come earlier

Minor complaint: the database schema chapter should come much earlier, before chapters on capacity estimations, and before the API design.

Hi Claudiu,

In System Design Interviews: A step by step guide lesson, we have defined the steps we are following in the coming lessons.

So, in this lesson, we followed the same steps.

We’re going from a high-level to a low-level view of the system. So, following the same approach, we’re moved from high-level to low-level in all of the lessons, i.e., we zoomed out the design.

I hope this answered your question.

Thank you!

@Munim_Iftikhar, it makes sense to follow the same order.

However, how can one come up with estimates for storage, bandwidth and so on, without actually knowing what is stored and what the size of individual records is? If you want to maintain the high-level -> low-level approach (which is a good idea, in my opinion), you should probably move the estimates chapter after the db schema chapter.

What do you think?

Hi Claudiu,

We acknowledge your advice. This does seem right to us. We’ll look into it.

Thank you!

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