"Deep learning with TensorFlow" needs to be rewritten

I 'm just submitting this to give some feedback. I am going through “machine learning for software engineers” module, which was amazing and very well thought until I reached this section. It is so badly written I am having so much trouble following it. The order doesn’t make any sense. The overall code that I am supposed to write has many holes, so that If I want to reproduce the steps in a project of mine, I will end up following some other tutorial to figure it out. I’m telling you, having seen educative’s amazing work suck as the “grokking the system design interview”, this is way below the platform’s level. Please revisit.

Course: Educative: Interactive Courses for Software Developers
Lesson: Educative: Interactive Courses for Software Developers

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hi @Vaggelis_Petratos,
Thank you very much for your honest feedback; we much appreciate it. And we will undoubtedly review and rework these lessons. Thanks.