Definition of head is different from the data structure course?

In data structure course, head.nextElement is the 1st element in the linkedlist. But in this course, head is the first node in the list. It is so confusing for learner when the same author uses different definitions in different courses for same data structure, which makes me doubt the quality of the courses here.

And also I can not highlight and make notes for some content in this course.

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Hi Franklin,

Thank you very much for reaching out to us.

Firstly, regarding the implementation, the linked list is an abstract data type and it can be implemented in many different ways. We want our learners to get familiar with these different implementation methodologies.

Secondly, for avoiding any confusions, we continuously revamp our courses so that the learners may have a remarkable experience on our platform and we are working to fix the issue raised by you.

If you have any further queries feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
Educative Team

Thank you for the reply!

However, I can’t highlight and make notes for some content in this course. In other courses, i can do that. I think it’s tech issue.

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We are already in the process of fixing that! You will soon be able to add highlights/notes on your lesson.

Educative Team

I mean any ADT could be implemented any way but I’ve never seen anyone implement a linked list with a HEAD node when the list is supposed to be empty. It’s just odd and confusing to learners.