Difference between using PostgreSQL and Elastic Search?

Hi Design Guru’s

In each and every question of System Design, we have to choose either No SQL or SQL databases. But now there are other things coming in the market as well which are becoming trendy and provide the exact same use case of these databases. It would be really nice if you could provide some insights of those topics as well.

Like which cache should be used and why? Memcached or Redis or other alternatives

Which search platform should be used like Postgres Full-text search or Elastic Search.

RabbitMQ Vs Kafka, where to use them in specific scenario of system design?

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Hi @dharam_deo_prasad, hope you are doing well.

I don’t think that this kind of discussion fits in this material. The idea here is to understand the usage of given concept of technology, not the implementation itself. Of course there are differences between memcache and redis, but during an interview, these differences, usually, are not asked by the interviewer, it is more likely to hear a question about which kind of cache strategy you gonna use (i.e. Cache Aside, Read Through, Write Back) or which algorithm to use (i.e. LRU, LFU, FIFO, …) in your cache than which implementation of cache tech you gonna use and why.

Hope this helps!

Artur Baruchi