Different type of modelling discussed in course can be achieved using database


I am very new to all this modelling techiniques discussed in course. We used to design modelling techinique at database level. My very basic question is why do we need to implement all this modelling technique at program level . Can u please let me know in which use case this kind of programming is required in project ??? Is it just to make program be database independent or anything else.

Course: Software Architecture in Java: Design & Development - Learn Interactively
Lesson: Add Spring OODD Project to the Server - Software Architecture in Java: Design & Development

Hi macmukesh,
Modeling helps define, analyze, and transfer programming concepts to users. And this Framework is a robust, feature-rich, well-designed framework for the Java platform. It provides a selection of setup and programming models to accelerate and simplify the creation of solid and testable Java applications.
I hope you get your answer. Please let me know if you have any further confusion.
Thank you