Discrepancy in bandwidth estimation

In bandwidth calculations, how is 50 MB assumed to be size of upload per minute. Initially we assumed it to be 600 MB for 5 minute video, so it should have been 120 MB per minute. Also in show detailed calculations, it uses 60 MB not 50 MB.

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Hi dedo,
Thank you for writing to us. The calculator added to the lesson has editable cells (in yellow). This means that platform users can interact with them. For YouTube, we can assume that users will be able to upload videos of different formats which means the number of MBs per minute would be different (compare an 8k one minute with a 480p one minute clip size). Therefore, it can be any number. However, you are absolutely right in pointing out that the 60 MBs should be replaced with 50 MBs in detailed calculations section. We would like to thank you for correcting us.


Also, keep in mind, when you are playing out a five minute video, the data rate is even (ish) over the time period. When you are uploading, it depends on your connection speed, server speed, so the 50MB/min is a bit arbitrary and not necessarily tied to file size. The upstream bandwidth HINGES on this rate, 50MB per minute is about 6.7Mbps upload. Whether or not that is reasonable, dunno. My math says that if you uploaded the 600MB file in 5 minutes (120MB per minute), upstream bandwidth more than doubles to almost 1/2Tbps.