fetchDetails method implementation for BookReservation and BookLending Classes

public static BookReservation fetchReservationDetails(String barcode);

public static BookLending fetchLendingDetails(String barcode);

Could you provide implementation of above mentioned methods?

Feedback: The course ‘grokking-the-object-oriented-design-interview’ by ‘design guru’ isn’t up to the mark. There’s lot of disparity between Class diagram and Code implementation with no explanation. 2 weeks in and I’m stuck on first problem.

Hi @Jaskirat_Mann

Could you please specify the lesson in which your mentioned methods are being used. I am unable to find the relevant lesson?
Also, can you be more specific about the disparity of diagram and code so it can be fixed?

Hi @Usman_Younas,

The reference design is LibraryManagementSytem. Kindly check the method fetchReservationDetails in class BookReservation and BookLending.