File Manipulation Command Quiz Options Incorrect

Here are my thought on the answers to the questions on the quiz specified:

  • Need an example why the answer to number 1 is B
  • The answer to question 2 is wrong. It is B and not A
  • I totally disagree with the answer to question 4, even the lesson explained this. It can’t be A.
  • I ran the commands on option A and C and got exactly the same result for question 8. I’ll like some explanations

Thanks in anticipation of your feedback @Educative

Hi Israel,

This is Fatima Bashir from Educative. Thank you for reaching out to us. I’ll answer all your questions one-by-one.

1- The answer is incorrect. The correction Option would be C, that is, the command “cp …/my_file.” will generate an error. The correct command would have been “cp …/my_file .” notice the space between “my_file” and the dot. This command would have copied my_file from the parent directory into the current directory. However, since there is no space between the dot and “my_file” in the command “cp …/my_file.” an error is generated.

2- You are right the correct Option is B

3- You are right. The correct Option is D, that is, all the Options are correct.

4- I think you meant both Options B & C give the same output? Option A does not work. Both Options B and C are correct. So Option D, that is, Both B and C is the correct answer.

We have fixed all these issues in the course. Thank you so much for pointing them out and giving your valuable feedback. We hope Educative has inspired to further your learning, and please drop us a note if you have any other questions or concerns.

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