Free Trial - ML Engineer

I’m using the free trial and can still not access select courses/content. Is this expected? The UI shows a circle indicating the content is unlocked but when I click on it the page won’t load.

Hi @Trevor_Raynak,

Here are some things to know about our free trial:

  • Anyone who has previously owned a subscription (unlimited, email, domain, enterprise), team trial, and GitHub scholarship is not eligible.
  • Users with individual course purchases who do not fall under the above are eligible for a free trial.
  • All non-interview and free courses are part of a free trial. Certificates can also be availed against these courses.
  • Payment methods that have been used earlier to avail a trial can not be used again.
  • You can cancel the auto-purchase of your subscription through the transactions page of your account.

We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.