Horizontal Partitioning

Could you explain the following statement, with an example
Another important implication of horizontal partitioning is the potential for loss of transactional semantics.

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Course: Distributed Systems for Practitioners - Learn Interactively
lesson: Basic Concepts and Theorems → Partitioning → Limitations of partitioning

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We treat transactions as programs whose semantics can be analyzed at design time. The effect of each transaction is specified using pre and post-conditions, and any schedule that preserves these conditions is permissible. Such schedules can produce database states that could not be reached by any serial execution. In addressing the issue of performance, we use transaction semantics to decompose transactions into steps and describe a concurrency control that controls step interleaving in such a way that assertions are preserved. The same model can be used to study the interleaving of sub-transactions of concurrent distributed transactions.
So, loss of transactional semantics may result from horizontal partitioning, which is another significant consequence of horizontal partitioning.

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