How did we arrive at 36GB in 10years?

The author said:
“With 1M pastes every day we will have 3.6 billion Pastes in 10 years.”
1.Please, how did the author arrive at this figure?
2.What happens to the data saved after the 10years?

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Thanks Journey_man for posting the questions.

Q1. How did we get 3.6 billion pastes?

=> 1 million pastes (per day) * 365 (days of a year) * 10 years = 3.6 billion pastes in 10 years

Q 2. After 10 years the data will be purged (removed) from the system. Please see details under “9. Purging or DB Cleanup”

Hope this answers your questions.


  1. 1M per day * 365 days an year * 10 year approx 3.65 Billion pastes in 10 years
  2. Usually there will be a retention policy and after 10 years in this case, data is no more retained