How did we arrive at 51.4TB for storage estimate

The article states that we would have 3.6B pastes in 10 years already.

If it takes one byte to store one character, total size required to store 3.6B keys would be:

3.6B * 6 => 22 GB

meaning 22GB will store all keys required for the 10years. We aim at 70% though which drops it to 22 x 0.7 = 15.4GB

Shouldnt the total size then be 36TB + 15.4GB = 36.02TB ? and not 36TB + 15.4TB = 51.4TB

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The author says 70% utilization assumption. If 36TB is 70% of the total storage we would need 36 / 0.7 = 51.4 TB of storage with the assumption that we would use 70% of it max in 10 years.


That certainly makes sense, though would have been nice if it were stated. Thanks a lot @Enes