How spring boot runs the sql queries although there's nothing in the main method calling it

I declared DDL and DML sql files inside resources folder and when I run the application the database gets updated although in the main method there is only one line:, args);

does this method make all this ?


Hi Mohammad,
Yes, this method is updating the database.
Here is more explanation for the “SpringApplication”:

SpringApplication class is used to bootstrap and launch a Spring application from a Java main method. This class automatically creates the ApplicationContext from the classpath, scan the configuration classes and launches the application. This class is very helpful in launching Spring MVC( or Spring REST application using Spring Boot.

A java class with main method, mark it with “@SpringBootApplication” annotation and invoke “” method.

When we will then run the application, we will get the required output.

I hope everything will be clear now.
Feel free to ask if you have any question.