How the master node is scaled in the Distributed File Systems?


I am just wondering, as the master node holds the global catalogue of the files/shards, what happens if the memory of the master node is full? Most probably this is a very unlikely case, but still I am wondering, how this case is being handled and how the master node is scaled accordingly?


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Hi Mustafa!
Basically there’s a very little possibility that we don’t have enough resources in a distributed system. A distributed system is comprised of multiple machines with data replicated on multiple nodes. It is generally more resilient to the failure of a part of the system. We determine the requested resources and set up autoscaling. We usually scale up the system using load balancing or caching in our system. Hence, the overall system continues to function, even if at a reduced capacity.

Hope it will clear your confusion. If you still have any queries please let us know.
Thank you.