How will we handle billing if client gets disconnected?

  1. What if a client gets disconnected when they are a part of a ride? How will we handle billing in such a scenario?

why does it matter if the client gets disconnected. we already have the client’s start and end location. we also should have his credit card information. at the end of the ride, we can just charge his credit card. it doesn’t matter if he is on or offline.

@Dewey_Munoz Yes you are right we have the client’s information but suppose if rider took a long route which causes higher fare to client and client wants to confirm the route but as he is disconnected he will be unable to track which can cause dispute. So in order to facilitate our clients we have to look over this matter too.

Can’t we use driver’s information? As long as driver is connected, we know the route the passenger takes and can easily track the status of the trip.

@Brutalforce Hey, there can be multiple possibilities in designing a system.