HTTP pull ttl from client side

HTTP pull ttl is implemented from client side so that the server does not create lots of open connections which can lead to out of memory. But this is the server limitation that it can create a fixed amount of open connections only.
So if a client decides not to implement ttl and start sending a lot of requests then the server will result in out of memory.
So is there no control from server side itself ?

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Hi Nikhil!
Basically the fact is that it is necessary to implement the TTL in order to manage the number of requests being made on a network and to prevent the data packets from moving across the network indefinitely. In applications, TTL manages data caching and improves the peformance. Moreover, if the clients do not want to set the TTL values on client-side, the global values set on the server side will be used by the network to control the flow of requests.

Hope it helps. If you still have any queries, please let us know.
Thank you!