HTTP Push Section talks about HTTP PULL - Is this a Typo

In the HTTP Push section, under TTL we speak about HTTL PULL as below. Should it be HTTP PUSH or PULL? Its the same with HTTP PULL Section, where we talk about PUSH

In the regular client-server communication, which is HTTP PULL , there is a Time to Live (TTL) for every request. It could be 30 secs to 60 secs, varying from browser to browser.

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Hi Govind_Anil_Kurade,

It should be HTTP PULL because in the next paragraph it is mentioned that if a client does not receive a response from the server in specific time, the client has to re send the request.

Thanks for the clarification

The lesson has been updated. Clients use Asynchronous JavaScript & XML (AJAX ) to send requests to the server in both the HTTP PULL and the HTTP PUSH mechanism. HTTP Pull is the regular polling mechanism. Long polling via AJAX is the HTTP PUSH mechanism.