I feel the Admin class could be a God class

Discussion: I’m feeling the following Admin class described as example could be a God Class, since if we add operations requires admin in future, we need to put everything into the Admin class regardless of entities/use-cases.

I feel that violates the single responsibility principle. What do you think?

public class Admin extends Account {
  // spot here refers to an instance of the ParkingSpot class
  public boolean addParkingSpot(ParkingSpot spot);
  // displayBoard here refers to an instance of the DisplayBoard class
  public boolean addDisplayBoard(DisplayBoard displayBoard);
  // entrance here refers to an instance of the Entrance class
  public boolean addEntrance(Entrance entrance);
  // exit here refers to an instance of the Exit class
  public boolean addExit(Exit exit;

  // Will implement the functionality in this class
  public boolean resetPassword() {
    // definition

An alternative idea I come up with was:

  • Rather than put those methods in the Admin class, we can create collection classes for DisplayBoard, Entrance, Exit, and ParkingSpot and implement those methods into the above classes.

  • We can create a Facade that checks the caller’s principle when invoking those methods.

I’m feeling this can be too detailed in a job interview.
I’m glad if you give me some feedback.

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Hi @Asayu,

In this scenario, the Admin class does not act as a God class. The sole purpose of the Admin class is to manage the physical entities of a Parking Lot. It has the functionality to add new entrances, exits, and parking spots, but it does not modify/update their information.

However, there can be multiple ways to achieve this. It’s all about designing and redesigning to come up with the most effective solution.

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Hi @Saif_Ali

Thank you for the reply!

I understand that it is not a System Admin class but Parking Admin class.
in that case, that makes sense to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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