Installing Minikubes

in this course authors suggested to install hyper v for windows but for windows home os hyper v is not available is there a alternate way to install minikube? – please let me know

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hey, @A11 there are multiple alternatives available which include vSphere, VM Server etc

For anyone who had ran into this similar problem, there are tutorials online to upgrade Windows Home to Windows Pro using a OEM key, which will grant you the feature of Hyper-V. This is a way better path than reformatting your PC. I had followed the tutorial from PCWorld: Just google “How to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro using an OEM code”.

After you use the OEM key with the internet disabled, your PC will reboot. You will then want to re-enable your internet, go into the Windows Feature On/Off System Settings, and enable Hyper-V. Windows will grab the necessary files, and will ask you to reboot once more. Good luck :+1:

To Clarify: This will not activate Windows as a genuine copy. This is just a recognized key in the Windows Database that will upgrade you from Home to Pro without activating Windows.

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