Is automated deployment a defining factor of microservices?

A learner recently emailed us saying:

There is a statement in this chapter: “However, note that microservice architectures can only work when the deployment is automated!” In my opinion this is not true. A Software architecture model is not tightly coupled with a deployment methodology – although CD has its clear advantages, it is not a defining factor of what a microservice architecture is.

So we contacted the author of the course, Eberhard Wolff, to help answer this question and here’s what he had to say:

the paragraph continues:

Microservices substantially increase the number of deployable units
compared to a deployment monolith. This is only feasible when the
deployment processes are automated.

Microservices are independently deployable artifacts so that statement
should be true. I find it hard to imagine that the number of
microservices in a typical project can be handled without deployment
automation but YMMV.

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