Lack of exercises, quizzes and challenges


I really enjoy courses on Educative and the quality is rather good but one thing is quite lacking:
to keep reading content is good but there are not many quizzes, challenges or exercises to practice with, only a handful per course. Which makes assimilating any subject less efficient. Remember: “practice makes perfect”.
Therefore, I have to go scour the web to find training exercises on free, third-party platforms when
I’d prefer to do it on a platform I’m paying for. Perhaps this is only regarding C++ courses as I’ve not delve much into others.

So, is there any chance you could provide more exercises and quizzes, in general? A good reference is the introductory course for C++ which is full of quizzes, challenges, exercises and diagrams. I do understand that introductory courses may need more of those for newcomers but more advanced courses cannot be fully grasped without training, in my opinion.
A bad example is the C++ STL course where there are only 6 exercises out of 29 lessons. Considering the amount of information this course is giving, the amount of practice given is a drop in the ocean.

Anyway, thanks for providing this already amazing platform and hopefully you can make it even better :slight_smile:

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Hi @wade_watts

Thank you for your feedback. User feedback is very valuable for us and helps us to improve our content continuously. Your feedback has been noted and we will make sure to include as much interactivity in the form of quizzes and challenges as much possible to keep the learners engaged and their learning journey fruitful and interesting.