Let us write the commands

"We have already executed the command, you just have to click ‘Run’ "
What’s the use of enrolling for this course then ? Let us write the command ourselves, we will learn only when we get our hands dirty with the code. Don’t make it so easy that it would look like spoon feeding.
In real life projects, are we going to get such ‘run’ buttons ? No, we will have to implement the whole code ourselves, then why try to make it so damn easy ?
In the wake of making it easy, understand that you are making it less engaging.

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Thank you for your feedback. We can definitely look into this.

I agree with the original poster- the environment being already set up is great, but there’s no point in doing the exercises for us. The course feels like a textbook in these sections, not an interactive course, because “we’ve done it all for you” is so heavily used. You don’t learn math by watching other people solve problems.

I know this is an old-ish topic but the course really needs fixing in this aspect. The best way to actually learn from it is to do my own setup locally and follow along that way, ignoring the built-in part, because that’s already done for me, which defeats the whole “no setup needed” concept.

Simplest fix would be to remove the completed new code in each step and simply have us fill it in instead, keeping everything else as it is. If the “Run” button results aren’t correct, we will know we made a mistake.