Level of Math needed to master asymptotic analysis

Hello and thank you so much for the great efforts. I was welling if you can share with me the level of Math needed to analyse the time/space comlixity of an algorithm. I am struggling to break down the algorithms and figuring out when to consider something log2 or square root or even the summation formula. This makes it hard to follow the explanations. Can you refer me to something that might strengthen my math skills to be able to analyze T/S complexity?

Course: Data Structures for Coding Interviews in Java - Learn Interactively
Lesson: Challenge 3: Big O of Nested Loop with Multiplication - Data Structures for Coding Interviews in Java

Hey @Mohammed_Abdoh!
Thank you for asking the question. You can take the “Big-O Notation For Coding Interviews and Beyond” course.

This course is intended for professionals that lack formal education in computer science, and that are in search of a simple and practical guide to algorithmic complexity. The course explains the concepts in layman’s terms, and teaches how to reason about the complexity of algorithms without requiring one to have an extensive mathematical skillset. This course can also be handy for revising complexity concepts or Big-O analysis before interviews. Finally, the content also scratches the surface of some advanced analysis topics to provide a more encompassing image of the complexity theory.

We hope Educative has inspired you to further your learning :slight_smile: