Educative error: cannot find symbol - even on empty solution

I’ve seen this error in multiple places. I was using the “report an issue” button maybe having it posted as a question is a better way.
Here is the error: error: cannot find symbol
output += "“hidden”: " + (result.hidden ? “true” : “false”) + “,”;
symbol: variable hidden
location: variable result of type TestResult
1 error

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Hi @Peter_Litvak , thanks for reaching out to us. The code widget showing this error is an exercise in which you have to write your code and run it through different test cases.

Once you put the code in it, it won’t give the error. If you still find this issue, then please do let me know. Thanks.

it shows the same error regardless, you can actually see it for yourself unless it is a temp state and resolves overtime

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Hi @Peter_Litvak , thank you so much for pointing it out, that issue has been resoloved. Thank you so much.