Microservices = Apps?

Hi there,

Let’s say you have one big enterprise software application like HubSpot, which is made of many microservices.

I often hear developers talking about apps when they talk about microservices. Which makes sense because each microservice is kind of its own little app in the much bigger one.

So for example, the “payment app” or the “user login app”. I wanted to confirm that the “app” refers to the microservice.

So you have the “Hubspot app” as a whole, you have all the Hubspot microservices like the “payments microservice” and the “user login microservice”, but these are also referred to as the “payments app” and “user login app.”


Thank you

Hi Alice!
Can you please specify the exact lesson that is related to your question so that we can clear your confusion.
Thank you!

It’s more of a general question that came up for me while doing the Cloud Computing 101 and Web Application 101 courses. It wasn’t specifically stated I don’t think, just something I am inferring.