Modern data server memory support

In the course it’s mentioned that “Since a modern-day server can have 256GB of memory” however based on on this: [Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases] (plz. google the title as I couldn’t add the link).
it seems it could be up to 128TB!..
Is it that the value in the course is outdated or I did miss something?

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Hi Jawad!
The link provided shows the maximum limit of RAM windows 8.1 can support. It does not represent the RAM a modern-day server typically embeds. A modern-day server can have RAM ranging from 256 GB all the way up to some TBs. Systems with TBs of RAMs are usually distributed in nature because if a system with 128 TB RAM fails, the entire 128 TBs resource is gone which can lead to a drastic drop in performance. Moreover, the design problem has assumed 256GB of memory for the sake of simplicity.
Hope it will clear your confusion. If you still have any queries please let us know.
Thank you.