Not able to launch jupyter notebook

I was trying to launch the jupyter notebook in the pytorch/GAN module, but the app could not be launched even though I tried many times. The last step (connecting to the server) has failed repeatedly.

Could you let me know the solution to this problem?

Hi @Di_Xu

Would you please guide me with the course and the lesson’s name? So that I can resolve your issue as soon as possible.

I got the same error.

Course: Make Your First GAN Using PyTorch
Any time when I try to launch Jupyter - e.g. Training Our Classifier - Make Your First GAN Using PyTorch. I tried both Safari and Chrome.

I have the same issue. I cant launch this for example:

Was there ever a resolution to this? I am facing the same issue with the same course.

Hi @Shaan_Sh

Are you getting the same error App Failed to Respond.

Yes, this happens after the 4th step.

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Thanks for reporting. We are looking into it will update as soon as the issue resolves.

The issue has been resolved. Thanks once again for reaching out.
Happy learning interactively.