P2P network: early stages data loss?

When a P2P network is first created/when data is first loaded into the network, it won’t have that many nodes with that same data at the beginning. Does that mean if data is lost, it will be permanently lost since there aren’t many nodes with the same data?

Hi G_Wong!
There might be different scenarios here.

  • In a case where the data is loaded on a network and replicas are generated for its recovery but the data is not still shared with the other node. So if the data is lost in this case, we’ve still some replicas available containing the required data.
  • In a case where data is loaded initially but replicas are not generated yet. Then if the data is lost, it will be permanently lost. We’ll have to reload data in this scenario.

Hope it helps and will clear your confusion. If you still have any issues, please let us know.
Thank you!