Test broken in Find n'th Node from the End

test broken
28 === 28, right?

0 of 1 Tests Passed
Result Input Expected Output Actual Output Reason
nthLast([7,14,21,28,35,42], 3) 28 28 Incorrect Output

instructions incorrect
Given a singly linked list, return the nth node from last.
The solution returns the value of the node, not the node.

poor consistency
In some singly linkedlist problems, Node has ‘value’, in others, ‘data’.
In some, a class constructor Node is provided, so attribute name is known.
In prior challenge, Find First Intersection, classes and function are missing and one is renamed.
createLinkedList missing
LinkedListNode missing and renamed
insertAtTail missing
display missing

Hi @mp0wr ,

Thank you so much for pointing it out and we have updated the changes and fixed this issue. If you find any other bugs like this, please feel free to let us know. Thanks.