The hash section is difficult to follow when no comments are on the solution code

I understand what we need to be able to do our own research which I did btw, but the hash section is difficult to follow when comments are not in the solution code, especially the aligning columns exercises. Don’t get me wrong I looked up the methods, but need a better explanation of what’s going on in the code itself.

Hi Curtis,
This is Hamza from Educative.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. After going over the lesson and the solution provided in it, we feel that it is in fact a bit vague. Therefore, in accordance with your suggestion, we have gone ahead and added in comments in the solution code that provide a more detailed explanation of what each line does. You can check the lesson out here.

Please do let us know if this helps you out in understanding the solution in a more clear and concise manner. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any more queries.

In case you want even more information regarding the methods used in the solution:

We hope Educative has inspired to further your learning.

Best Regards,
Hamza | Developer Advocate