The word "Repository" is potentially misleading

The lesson says that “Monolithic applications are simple to develop, test, deploy, monitor and manage since everything resides in one repository”. However, it could be the case that multiple services live inside a single code repository, but are built and deployed separately running in their own processes. The way they share code and tests depends on the team and the developers, it could be bare minimal. I think generally monoliths run as a single process and that’s the right word to use instead of repository. What am I missing?

Hi @Ruhullah_Shah

Sorry, I cannot find the lesson in the course: Grokking the System Design Interview about which you are asking the question. Could you please provide me the direct URL to that lesson to read it and then try to answer?


Hi @Usman_Younas

Here is the link to the lesson, Educative: Interactive Courses for Software Developers, please see the Simplicity section. Sorry for the confusion, but the platform forced me to choose two tags for my question and did not show the course that I actually wanted to tag this question with. Thanks! Ruh